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If you’ve noticed a traffic jam around 24 East Main Street lately, it’s because people have been rushing to Dr. Marylouise Schultz Wise & Dr. Jack Wise for headache relief.

Word’s out that Dr. Marylouise Schultz Wise & Dr. Jack Wise have tremendous success in treating stress, migraine, and other kinds of headaches. Because most headaches are caused by continued contractions of the muscles in you head and neck, their musculoskeletal treatments go right to the source.

Don’t hide the pain behind a brave face and pills. Get to the root of the trouble, treat it the right way, and start living a happy life again.

Come in for your free headache evaluation.
You’ll fill out a questionnaire so that we can see what factors are causing or worsening you headaches. Then Dr. Marylouise Schultz Wise or Dr. Jack Wise will give you an exam to determine any misalignment. after this, they will evaluate the results and discuss what can be done to relieve your pain.



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