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Neck pain can either be mild; sometimes feeling like an annoying and distracting ache or it can be so severe that it is unbearable and incapacitating.

Most instances of neck pain (and stiffness) are minor and commonly caused by something you did. That is, if you keep your head in an awkward position for too long the joints in your neck can “lock” and the neck muscles can become painfully fatigued. You may be one of the many who has “harmlessly” fallen asleep in a chair or in a bed with your head propped up, only to awaken with a painful stiffness. Fortunately, most minor posture-induced neck pain episodes clear up on their own after rest and efforts not to repeat the offending stresses on the neck.

However, it becomes a more serious matter when the pain doesn’t go away after a day or two. Neck pain that lasts for many days or keeps coming back is a signal that something is wrong. Disease, an injury (such as whiplash in an auto accident), a congenital malformation, or progressive degeneration that can come with age, may be responsible for the more significant pain you experience. An expert must determine the underlying causes of such neck pain. Examination, diagnosis and treatment by a specialized doctor of chiropractic can relieve your mind and may quickly relieve your pain.

Who Suffers from Neck Pain?
Almost everyone experiences some sort of neck pain or stiffness at one time or another. Because you are human and walk upright, your head is “balanced” atop your spinal column. If the muscles that support your head are not kept strong and in good condition, the upper part of your spinal column is vulnerable to strains and injuries.

Older people whose joints have been worn by use over time are subject to osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative joint disease or DJD). When this form of arthritis hits your back and neck, you feel it as neck pain that gets worse over time. The pain may radiate into your shoulders and arms, and you may feel numbness or tingling in hands and fingers. Arthritis can also involve symptoms including headaches, dizziness, and even a grating/grinding feeling when you move your head. It is very important for your doctor to examine you to rule out osteoarthritis or identify it and see that it is properly treated.

What Can Chiropratic Do?
At Complete Healing and Wellness Center, you can be assured that you will be diagnosed by doctors who excel in his field and provide excellent treatment outcomes. The chiropractic doctors will obtain detailed information on your posture, physical condition, and work/ home environment. They will obtain x-rays (as necessary) and other diagnostic exams to pinpoint which of many possible causes is responsible for your discomfort. A computerized exam may also be used to further analyze the exact problem area. The chiropractic doctors will provide you with an in-depth report of your back/neck condition and you will be able to see through visual findings the exact condition of your back or neck. You will also have the chance to get any questions answered that you may have. Only then will the appropriate treatment be recommended. As far as treatment is concerned, different options are available according to the specific condition you may have. Manual adjustments with or without spinal decompression therapy may be recommended. Many patients begin to feel immediate relief, and some need time to feel the positive results of treatment. If you have neck pain that’s been bothering you for a while or if it’s just something recent that you’ve noticed, don’t delay in obtaining a thorough evaluation, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment.


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