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Stop Smoking Treatment

Stop Smoking…Start Living…with the help
of Cold Laser Therapy

Deep breaths. Clean clothes. More energy. And no more cravings. It is possible…with the help of Dr. Marylouise Schultz Wise, acupuncture with cold laser therapy.
In just 3-4 treatments Dr. Marylouise can help you kick the tobacco habit finally and completely without anxiety. Together, you can uncover and attack the very center of the addiction itself…and change your behavior, taking smoking out of the equation and putting your personal health first without the substitution of one drug for another as with gums and patches.

The machine works on specific points of the body without needles so therefore it is safe and totally painless. A cold soft light is used to stimulate specially chosen energy points around the body relating to addiction and habit. This helps to promote the release of endorphin in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural chemicals for helping to keep the body calm and relaxed, making it much easier to deal with the addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings that may come when giving up nicotine.

Advice is given on dealing with stopping smoking, withdrawal symptoms, cravings, habits, and nutritional information which will help the body become nicotine free as quickly as possible.

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